7 Health Benefits of Cycling

Hi there. In today’s post i am gonna share with you guys 7 excellent benefits of cycling everyday. I love cycling! i do it mostly everyday. Even my wife sara loves it.

So what are the 7 health benefits of doing this activity everyday? Read the list below:

  1. Cycling improves heart & Blood circulation – How you ask? Well, according to British Medical Association ( british by the way are crazy about cycling. A lot more than we americans are ) cycling basically reduces the risk of risk of coronary heart.
  2. It can drastically reduce a lot of success! – Its intuitive. Even brisk walking can reduce stress. It can help improve your self esteem too. You could help fight depression and you would feel more lively again.
  3. Cycling can get your in better shape and ultimate attractive 😛 Ready to buy you own bicycle? – Ill highly suggest going with a road bikes if you are just starting out. For that, i’ll recommend getting a road bike for beginners because getting a new bike could be expensive. I know as i have owned 5 bikes. and yes local bike shops sell only the high end bicycles and you might want to stay away from investing huge sum while just starting out. Although i am not against those expensive bikes however i do recommend them once you’ve passed the starting stage.Also, I’d highly recommend reading the gmc denali road bike review on planetcheapbikes.com ( a site run by a friend of mine )
  4. Cycling builds stamina – This one is probably very intuitive. As with any exercise you do, doing it regularly would eventually increase your stamina.
  5.  Easiest way & a simple way to exercise – Yes, there is almost no learning curve involved in learning to cycle.
  6. Bicycling could help you stay & prevent conditions such as diabetes, obesity and arthritis.
  7. Last but not least, cycling is fun. I mean you get to have sun exposure while cycling. And which ultimately brightens up the mood ( not sure if that phrase even exist ) however, research do suggest that cycling 4-5 days a week drastically improve your health.


Did you like today’s post? – I kept it short and to the points. Leave a comment below to appreciate us! Cheers!

Ideas for a Fitness Program in NY

Hi. I am planning for a fitness programs in NY and i need at least 25 members to start. We will follow a fitness schedule for straight 20 days to help us shed some weight and possible gain some muscle mass. Yes, 20 days is not a lot of time. But is enough time to make significant improvements to our health.

Leave a comment below or contact me for suggestions.


Best Shower Heads to Get: 10 Benefits of Having Cold Showers

Here is a video showing you the best shower heads. The reason why i am promoting this youtube video is because a friend of mine told me too. So, as he is close, i had to do that.

Anyways, i am also gonna list 10 benefits of having cold shower heads. Read the below:

  1. Cold Showers Build Strong Will Power
  2. Reduce Stress
  3. Increase Alertness
  4. Will Improve Your Skin & Hair
  5. Stimulate Weight Loss
  6. Increase Testosterone level ( a great one! ) woohh.
  7. Boost Fertility
  8. Improve Circulation
  9. Improve Immunity
  10. Relieve Depression & Speed Up Muscle Recovery

So there you have it!

What this website is about?

To start with, i bought this domain at the end of 2015 via godaddy. Somebody used this domain before i registered. No idea who. But would be probably some guy teaching stuff about health.

Actually i am also gonna share with you some health stuff. I am fitness freak. I love to stay sharp and healthy. So this is what i am gonna pretty much do with the site. However, please note that you would find no stuff that would make feel bored to death. You won’t find crap on this site. However, due my day time job i won’t be posting often. Yep… Would post 2-3 article per month.

Bookmark the site. And yeah.. Chill out.


Drugs can not only harm your health when you are actively participating in drug abuse, but they can also pose dangers to health after drug abuse. If you need to visit a doctor, or an emergency room,No drugs it is important to tell that you have had a problem with drug abuse in the past. A previous history of drug abuse can interfere with the way many conventional prescription drugs work.

Drug abuse can also lead to damage of vital organs such as the heart and kidneys. The damage may not be immediately obvious, but can become evident at a later stage in life.

Your Heart and Drug Abuse

Your heart is a sophisticated piece of equipment, and we don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how it works. The heart is responsible for pumping freshly oxygenated blood around your body, andheart to do that it has its own electrical centers. Doctors refer to them as nodes, and if they become damaged, they can affect the way your heart works.

Your heart is set to work at a certain pace, and when there is a problem with the pace of your heart, you risk suffering a cardiac event. Heart attack is one such event but there are others as well.

The most common danger to heart health after drug abuse is tachycardia. Tachycardia occurs when the heart starts beating to quickly, and cannot control its pace. This is an indication that a node in your heart has been damaged. If your heart beats too fast, it can eventually lead to heart failure as all the blood has been pumped out, and your heart continues to beat without blood.

Many common drugs such as cocaine can cause this to happen immediately, but it is also known that cocaine use can cause heart problems later in life.

Your Liver and Drug Abuse

Your liver can also be affected on a long term basis by drug abuse. The function of the liver is to cleanse the blood. In order to cleanse the blood the liver produces certain enzymes. These enzymes can be measured in the blood stream, and drug abuse can cause liver to produce less of these enzymes.

This can lead to a higher rate of infection and may even cause serious health problems such as liver disease or jaundice. The problem can become more apparent when using prescription drugs such anti-biotoics. They metabolize in the liver to be effective, and if there is a problem you may suffer side effects such as anaphylactic shock.

Your Brain and Drug Abuse

BrainOur brains are truly amazing, and if we look after them, they will serve us well for the rest of our lives.

Drug abuse can cause our brains to not function correctly. Brains are meant to be able to retrieve millions of memories, and processes. They control breathing, heart and many other vital functions which we cannot live without. To help us to do all of this, our brains need to be able to make neuro connections.

Drug abuse can interfere with the way our brains make neuro connections. Every minute our brains, without us thinking about, make thousands of connections. They help us to identify smells, tastes and even dangers.

Long term, and even short term drug abuse, can make it difficult for our brains to make these connections, and you can experience problems with memory, sight and balance. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is best to address them with a health professional, they can be linked to the after effects of drug abuse.

There are many dangers to health after drug abuse, and it is a good idea to be aware of them. If you are experiencing unexplained health problems, you should visit a doctor as soon as possible and make the doctor aware of your previous medical history.